Transitional Housing

Our Transitional Housing Program is designed to help women and children impacted by financial barriers that prevent them from having stable housing. We shall provide the following but not limited to the following: 

Parenting Skills: 

  • Parenting Styles: We shall provide parenting styles to promote alternative discipline to teach loveable ways for punishment. 
  • Building Trust: We teach how to establish a closer bond that builds trust with their child. In addition, this workshop helps the parents deal with their emotional, physical, social, and financial past. 
  • Learned Behaviors: We shall teach how parents’ behavior can negatively impact a child that can affect adulthood. We shall discuss setting positive examples and not making promises that are impossible to keep.
  • Co-Parenting Skills: We will teach the importance of co-parenting and the benefits of being on one accord so the child won’t be negatively impacted.

Social Development:

  • Support System: We shall assist with helping to develop a positive support system that builds strength, empowers, develop social skills, and provide emotional support.
  • Effective Communication: We shall teach how to effectively exchange ideas, thoughts, knowledge, and information to convey to others without getting aggressive. 

 Financial Literacy 

  • Budgeting: We will educate you on how to create a budget based on your income. We will discuss how to grocery shop on a monthly budget and still have funding to put into a savings account.
  • Credit Repair: Free Wishes Foundation shall show how to repair credit and contact businesses to negotiate a lower pay-off on the old debt.
  • FICO Score: Our workshop discusses the importance of your FICO Score and how to build up your score for better credit. We will discuss different credit cards that assist in credit building. We shall also educate individuals on the Debt to Income Ratio and why it impacts your credit when purchasing a house.
  • Savings Accounts & Investments: Free Wishes Foundation shall have a financial planner to discuss investment options. The person will focus on the best investments that are short-term and long-term that benefit individuals’ budget. 

Workforce Development

  • Resume Writing: Build a resume that stands out to recruiters and hiring managers. We will teach how to highlight experience for the job applied. We will demonstrate how to develop a cover letter. 
  • Interviewing skills: We shall have workshops on effective communication, eye contact, etiquette skills, and how to respond to questions during an interview.
  • Professional Dress Code: Our team will discuss professional dress codes for an interview and other occasions.
  • Career Path: We shall work with the individuals on setting goals for a career path. We shall assist in setting short-term and long-term goals that are measurable. 
  • Employment: Each person will be required to work; therefore, Free Wishes Foundation, Inc shall network with local businesses, recruiters, and nonprofit organizations to assist in finding employment and certifications that meet their career goals.

Leadership Development

  • Conflict Resolution:  We shall teach ways to handle personal and employment conflicts. We will have workshops to demonstrate how to respond and the proper way to document information for later references.
  • Life Coaching: We will have empowerment classes to inspire and motivate women mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. We will focus on understanding their purpose,  character skills that will enhance leadership abilities and transformation into their new nom.