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I'm A Dreamer Scholarship

Be A Dreamer Be Legendary...

Enter to win a $2,000 scholarship, 2 tickets to the Legendary Nights Tour, and an exclusive "I am a Dreamer" sweatshirt

To enter, you must meet the following requirements:

1. Follow the Freewishes Foundation's social media page @freewishesfoundation (IG)

2. Email your 500 word or more essay to info@freewishes.org and tell "How Receiving This Scholarship Would Be

 A Dream Come True"

3. Complete the above steps by noon the day before the Legendary Nights Tour stop in your city

4. Cross your fingers and DREAM big!

*In your email please include your name, instagram handle, phone number, copy of active student id, name of college, and contact information for school financial aid office.

The winner will  be announced via email and text.

Deadline is 12noon the day before the actual show.

Must be an active college student in the same state where the Legendary Nights Tour will perform.    "Where dreams come alive and wishes come true."

About Us


Founded by award-winning hip hop mogul Future, alongside his mother Stephanie Jester and sister Tia Wilburn-Anderson, FreeWishes Foundation is a charitable organization focused on helping to make a difference in the lives of others. FreeWishes Foundation's mission is to deliver a message of hope, perseverance and and resilience to our community by lending support and making dreams come alive.

Our programs and events are designed to make dreams come true. We aim to engage, encourage and empower youth and seniors in marginalized communities. 


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