Educational Programs

Our program is designed to assist with reading and math to improve grade levels and provide support to those preparing to graduate from high school. We shall have our tutoring programs virtually until it is safe to have youth together for afterschool programs during the pandemic. We shall provide the following but not limited to:

  • Reading Comprehension and Fluency: We shall assist with word recognition and comprehension. We will show how to make a connection between what individuals are reading and their knowledge. Our team will help and encourage them to read text accurately, quickly with an expression to be fluent.
  • Math: Our team shall assist with mathematics skills to increase grade levels. We shall focus on the teacher’s homework and help with the assignments to build their critical thinking. We shall provide demonstrations of problems and identify how to solve them with analytical thinking. We shall encourage individuals to practice daily to develop their mental discipline and rigor.
  • Music & Arts: We shall provide art and music for those who want to explore cultural activities and expression. We shall have workshops for music and art classes that express the artsy side of adolescents. Our goal is to build self-confidence in their craft, a part of therapy and expression that allows them to be creative.
  • End of Grade Preparation: We shall provide an E.O.G. prep by reviewing the materials from their teacher to help with maintaining information and demonstrating ways to increase productive study habits. 
  • Scholastic Assessment Test (S.A.T.) Preparation: We shall assist in studying for the S.A.T. for college. Our team will provide a P.S.A.T test for them to review while preparing for the actual test.