Self-Esteem Program

Free Wishes Foundations, Inc understands that youth can go through cycles of emotional unbalance and behaviors that can cause internal and external self-esteem issues. Our program is designed to address the problems, provide affirmation, and create self-confidence to enhance their lives. We shall provide the following but not limited to the following:

  • Self-Confidence: We shall focus on the importance of having a balanced life, improving communication, and believing in yourself. We shall reflect on their strengths and set a strategic plan on how to improve their weakness. Our team shall assist with personal goal setting and how to set realistic expectations.
  • Self-Worth: Our team will help individuals identify self-value and identify issues that have caused a lack of self-worth. We shall demonstrate self-love and the importance of loving thyself first and how to have self-care as they navigate through life.
  • Affirmation: Our team will provide positive affirmations for each person so they can repeat them to themselves daily to build their self-esteem. We shall have individuals create quotes pertinent to their growth, their character, and their beliefs. This project will enhance their strengths and empower them to love themselves beyond the current circumstances.