Feeding Program

There are over 37 million Americans that suffer from food insecurities, and 11 million are children. During the pandemic, the number of food insecurities grew significantly due to increased unemployment, the Covid-19 virus, and remote learning. 

Our program identified the crisis in our communities and expanded to meet the needs of the people. The Feed Program provides boxes of food along with supplies needed to stay healthy. We shall provide the following but not limited to:

  • Youth: We are providing lunches to students during remote learning in low-economic communities and during the summer. We have designated times and locations to deliver the meals.
  • Food for Families: Provide a drive-through pantry so families can pick up boxes of food. The drive-through provides safety measures for the staff and families.
  • Meals On Wheels: Our Meals on Wheels provide food to senior citizens through our drive-through pick-up, and we go into the selected communities and deliver to those who cannot pick up the food boxes. 
  • Community Events: We shall have events in the community that will have booths for people to pick up household items, food, hand sanitizers, and other items to help keep the community safe.
  • Thanksgiving Dinner: During the holidays, our Feed Program provides Thanksgiving dinner for the senior citizens. The dinner will have entertainment, giveaways, and a speaker to show appreciation for being the foundation for their families.